How to be More Decisive


Every day, we are faced with simple to tough decisions to make. Personally, I have to make decisions on how much time to allocate for towing service business, and what time to allocate for family. Decisiveness is an essential part of life. No boss appreciated employee who cannot make decisions on daily tasks ahead of him. No persona respects a man who makes decision on something only to change sometimes back. The act of being decisive is well bred. It is a habit that you have to nurture and improve with time. There are not so many hours in a day and you want to make the best decision affecting your life.

You want to be sure that you have thought out of the decision to make, and make the very best out of it. If you want to improve in your decision making process, here is how to go about it.


Practice in your comfort zone

You are already pushing yourself to the limit to make the best decision, so do not pressure yourself excessively. Work with what you have and the skills you have, to make the best out of the resources you have. If you are distracted by unrelated factors, you are more likely to miss the plot. Look for time when you don’t feel so much pressured and make the best decision out of your calm mind. Set time to analyze all options on board and choose the best one for you.


Make small decisions fast

Not all decisions you will be making will be faced with the same magnitude of consequences. In most cases, we find ourselves going back and forth on big decisions and if this becomes a habit, we might suffer the safe fate when it comes to small decisions. If you can’t decide on small issues, it becomes extremely hard to decide on big issues. Whatever you decide, try to abide by your word no matter what.


Build Yourself Up

The act of being decisive is one that is nurtured from bottom up. You might not be able to make big decisions if small ones are challenging to you. When you make a decision, try to stick to it. What matters is what you do afterwards once you have made your decision. You will be faced with a lot of questions on uncertainties surrounding a decision you made. On that note, there will be two consequences; you are either right or wrong. Be happy with whichever outcome as it is better than switching your mind all the time.


Do Your Research

The best thing about making decisions is that it doesn’t come without some sort of analysis. For every decision you make, you will have a set of materials and data to reference from, to help you make the best decision. Weigh on the pros and cons of both sides, before reaching a decision. You can also evaluate your past performance to see if you have been making the best decisions or not. Give yourself feedback based on how you have been performing.

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